Still, his anger was premature

Still, his anger was premature.  Additional discussion made it clear that this was not their intent.  Reuben and Gad pledged their support and solidarity with the other tribes of Israel before settling in the lands of Gilead.

In our interactions with people, we too must be careful that we don’t jump to conclusions or simply react because of a previous negative experience.  We should be careful to hear people out instead of making rash judgments on their motivations or projecting possible outcomes or scenarios before we have heard all the facts.

Reuben and Gad’s pledge and concern for the interests and welfare of the entire nation of Israel reveals something important for Believers.

As members of the Body of Messiah, we are connected.  If one part of the Body hurts or is suffering, the whole body feels the pain.  Because we are joined together, we must not be selfishly looking after only our own best interests.  We must be mindful of the needs and well-being of the whole community of Believers, as well as for Israel.

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interest, but also for the interests of others.”  (Philippians 2:4)


We are so thankful for all of God’s people who have pledged their support to stand faithfully with the nation of Israel to see God’s end time purposes come to pass.  We could not do this work without you.

Let each of us continue to be strong and of good courage, faithfully speaking, listening to and obeying His Word, patiently bearing with one another, as is fitting for members of the greater commonwealth of Israel, for Adonai our God is with us.

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