Creating Godly Community


The laws written in this Parsha may seem disconnected and unrelated, but they collectively represent the expected behavior of a community under God’s authority.

For example, throughout the Torah, God is very concerned that everyone and everything unclean, impure and capable of defiling the community is kept outside of the camp. And because “bad company corrupts good character,” God also keeps corrupting influences contained such as those who steal, lie, cheat, commit adultery, and even children who are unruly.

The Torah reveals that godly children are important for carrying forward God’s laws and blessings into the next generations and, therefore, the community is also responsible to give input in the raising of children.

The whole community is to be involved in dealing with a rebellious, stubborn young person who is a drunkard and glutton.klm43216mnjhhftre3

An Israeli bride lifts the veil to drink from the
traditional kiddush (sanctification) cup during
the wedding ceremony.  Just moments before,
the groom drank from the same cup.  This
symbolic gesture represents their commitment
to share their lives from that moment onward.

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